About JJ&C.

The JJ&C Group, better known through its subsidiaries such as 'Navigator Multibrand Distribution', started up in Belgium in the 1980's. JJ&C is currently experiencing a strong growth in its manufacture of luggage and bags for the global market, following the opening of its own production facilities in Belgium and the extension of the brand portfolio with licensed products within the categories of travel goods, bags and accessories (products like trolleys, suitcases, travel bags, backpacks, sports bags, handbags, fashion bags, school bags and other smaller leather articles such as belts and wallets).

JJ&C is based in Hong Kong, owned and managed by a team of European professionals and relies strongly on the company owned organization of 8 affiliates across the world and also on a large, global network of distributors and sales partners. Therefore JJ&C is able to cover all levels of distribution from the lower tier up to the high end distribution levels within the travel goods, accessories and bags retail environment.

JJ&C owes its success to the outstanding internal co-operation between its multicultural groups of highly skilled engineers, designers and marketing/sales representatives. Similar arrangements exist within all our worldwide subsidiaries, contributing daily to upholding the Group's reputation.

Design, production and distribution of travel- and leisure products to a varied customer base including hypermarkets, supermarkets, cash & carry wholesalers, importers for large stores or buying groups, B2B, fashion- and sports retailers, mail order catalogues, internet retailers and traditional bags- and luggage stores; this is our CORE BUSINESS.


Throughout our own affiliates and distributor network we cover the GLOBAL MARKETS with our own brands such as SAXOLINE, Saxoline Blue, 2Be and AIRLINE.


Years of experience have lead to a strong portfolio of licensed brands within THE TRAVEL goods and bags-business. Currently JJ&C represents National Geographic.


For our global partners we supply full services for all kinds of PRIVATE LABEL products. Providing tailored solutions according to individual customers' needs.

Distribution of the purchased goods is either possible through direct export straight from the factories in China or locally through selective subsidiaries and / or distributors. Our modern, fully equipped warehouse in Belgium, operating under the flag of BRINGTON EUROPE, centralizes all logistics for Europe and can answer to all customers requirements for logistics, replenishments, door-to-door deliveries and/or special handling.

JJ&C Investment has become an important player in the worldwide luggage and casual bags industry and is currently increasing its market presence throughout the world via its own subsidiaries in GERMANY, SWISS, AUSTRIA, BENELUX, SPAIN. All services are supported by the teams at our HONG KONG based head office.

JJ&C plays a leading role within the sector. Its creativity and ability to adapt to different markets enables the company to offer its customers a practical, profitable and modern product tailored to all their needs.

JJ&C's creative, commercial and marketing departments are all multicultural, their tasks being to observe and analyze developments in society with a better view to enabling prediction of FUTURE MARKET trends. Ideas developed by these departments are brought to life in the form of prototypes by the engineering department and catalogued according to product type. It is this combination of the factors, creation and innovation, that has earned JJ&C the dynamic image that characterizes the company today.


Quality Control & Human Rights ethics

JJ&C also has an internal team of engineers whose exclusive responsibility is the maintenance of international quality and production standards. JJ&C retains complete supervision over the quality control procedures for its products and is fully committed to upholding the Charter on Human Rights in respect of its employees and factory workers where production takes place.

JJ&C's products are certified by large international organizations (SGS, LGA, TUV - etc). The company's professionalism and work ethics contribute on a daily basis to the growth of the JJ&C Group, which can now boast with confidence the internationally recognized brands such as National Geographic and numerous respectable retail organizations have in JJ&C.

Marketing Support

At JJ&C there is a strong interaction between SALES AND MARKETING. JJ&C would like to give its customers the means to stand out from their competitors by offering a complete tailored package. The MARKETING STRATEGY aims to identify customers tastes and requirements and endeavors to produce travel, leisure, tailor made products, projects and services..

The long term success of the company's initiatives and consumer recognition of JJ&C's brands are closely linked to the value added extras offered to customers. Possibilities include providing promotional materials (signs, PRODUCT LABELS, quality descriptions, informative brochures, posters, cards, showcases, display fixtures, POS, etc) or placing brands using other visual means such as targeted above and below-the-line marketing campaigns, media coverage, endorsing or others.

Over and above global brand awareness concepts. The internal sales and marketing departments are also proud to be involved in drawing up new ideas and when developing new articles they pay full attention to the identity, specific brand positioning to suite the customer.

After-sales Service

JJ&C's extensive distribution network consists of subsidiaries and distributors enabling the company to provide efficient after sales services irrespective of the chosen source of supply (i.e. direct import/FOB or local supply). This bilateral solution is an important asset for JJ&C and a definite advantage for large groups in administering their fixed product ranges - all of this supported by product training sessions, marketing

JJ&C offers a professional product guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials.


We offer a variable product repair or replacement guarantee related to the product for a pre-mentioned period of time (see hang-tag attached to the product), starting from the day of your purchase. Should there be any defects due to faulty workmanship or inferior materials (excluding abrasion or other damages caused by intensive usage, wear or tear) the repair or replacement guarantee is supported by the dealer/retailer from whom you have purchased the product. Always keep your receipt as proof of puchaser. If your travel product is damaged in transit during your journey it is the responsibility of the Carrier to satisfy any claims, NOT JJ&C Industries Ltd neither its licensors, distributors, dealers nor agents. For further information contact: info@jjnc.com.hk